The surgical guide in the computer guided surgery

The surgical guide is a medical device that contains all the information needed to correctly position the dental implant during guided surgery. In particular, when we speak about a surgical guide, we are referring to a transparent guide, composed by a resin structure and some metal bushings, which is designed from time to time by the clinician to guide him precisely during the placement of dental implants. Every surgical guide is unique because it is made using advanced technologies such as computer tomography (TC) or intraoral scanning, so it adapts perfectly to the patient’s anatomy.

How is the surgical guide made?

The surgical guide in the computer guided surgery is produced using the 3D print. It is necessary for the clinician or the laboratory to prepare the digital .stl file of the project. The design of the final .stl file can made through two different way able to obtain the scan of the dental impression:

  • by scanning the patient’s mouth with an intraoral scanner
  • with the scanning of a model made from an impression paste.

Now the surgery guide is a key tool of the modern implant surgery so it became one of the main characters of the computer guided surgery.

The guided surgery advantages:

From the clinician’s point of view, among the great advantages offered by this workflow is the ability to make surgery very precise and greatly reduce work stress. For the patient, on the other hand, computer-guided surgery makes it possible to decrease the invasiveness of treatment, reduces the postoperative phase and, last but not least, allows a predictable aesthetic result.

The surgery guide features:

  • Accuracy: the precision with which the guide is manufactured minimises the risk of clinician error during surgery to ensure more precise and safer work for the patient as well.
  • Efficiency: overall, the process that starts with the design of the surgical case and ends with the insertion of the implants into the oral cavity is more efficient, faster and more accurate.
  • Customisation: each guide is customised, being made according to the patient’s unique mouth characteristics. This allows the clinician to best deal with the anatomical variations that arise in each specific case, guaranteeing an optimal result.

Today many dental laboratories are equipped  to support the computer guided surgery and the build of surgery guides. The JDLab is one of the most advanced facilities in Italy in terms of instruments and number of projects performed.  The surgical guides produced by JDLab are delivered with all the bushings already inserted. Thanks to these Ø 5.05 mm bushings, suitable for all JD implant diameters from Ø 2.75 to Ø 5.0 mm, the clinician is able to perform assisted and precise surgical according to the design made by the JD-igital Guide* software (powered by RealGUIDE™ 3DIEMME). He can work safely and quickly, increasing his clinic’s productivity.


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