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JD Digital solutions for Intraoral Scanning

Extending the art of implantology to your CAD/CAM restoration jobs, making it as simple as JD Implant system. With all JD abutment solutions for intraoral scanning you will be able to perform an easy
and accurate optical impression directly in the patient mouth.

All JD Scanbody and TiBase abutments are available for all JD Implant lines


Available for all main CAD/CAM dental planning and modeling softwares.

JDentalCare provides open implant libraries for all JD Implant lines to guarantee maximum precision and
flexibility to your laboratory technicians! They will be able to realize custom-made abutments for
personalized results importing all JD implant maths in the softwares with both engaging and non engaging


Choose your JD Pre-Milled Blanks to design customized Abutments! They are compatible with Medentika
abutment blank holders which are available for a steadily growing number of milling machines.

For further information, contact our offices or your local JD Distributor.


For screw retained rehabilitations with greater aesthetic, simplicity and ease of management over time:

  • Useful to correct the inclination of the access hole for the abutment screw
  • No more vestibular screw-access hole on the anterior teeth crowns
  • Screw-retained restorations for a simplified management in the long-term
  • More aesthetic and simplicity

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