Implant retreatment tools

JD implant retreatment tools are classified into: implant removal tools, screw removal tools and internal thread repair tools.

The EVIRT is the JDentalCare tool developed to remove implants with internal and external connection. This tool can be used when the implant connection has been damaged and the ordinary implant driver cannot be used.Thanks to its internal connection it can be used with the JDTorque Surgical Adapter and the Surgical Driver. It has to be used counterclockwise.

The screw removal kit, which consists of EVCD – EVEX1 – EVEX2, can be used to remove a broken screw from the implant with internal hex connection. These tools are used when the abutment screw is damaged and cannot be removed with a screwdriver. The EVTR can be used to repair the internal thread of the implant in case it is damaged.

Screw removal tools
Codes: EVCD – EVEX1 – EVEX2

Implant removal tool

Internal thread repair tool
Code: EVTR


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