A graftless solution

The JDZygoma implant offers an alternative solution without bone grafts for the treatment of severe maxillary resorption.
This advanced implant concept is designed for getting a perfect anchorage in the zygomatic bone.

skull anchorage

Greater prosthetic and surgical flexibility
Take advantage of the advanced implant body design with a straight and polished neck with implant lengths from 30 mm to 60 mm and internal hexagonal connection compatible JDEvolution Plus+.

High primary stability for the immediate function
Apply to your patients a temporary prosthesis immediately after the surgery. Thanks to the multicortical anchorage and the special design of the implant apex with diameter 2.0 mm you will easily obtain a high primary stability.

Site preparation sequence
Make entrance mark with round bur drill and continue with the drill Ø2.8 mm until it penetrates the outer cortical layer of the zygomatic bone. Continue with the drill Ø3.2 mm and if the bone is hard, complete the osteotomy with the drill Ø3.6 mm.

drill sequence