Theoretical and Live Surgery course with zygomatics – Dr. Cesare Paoleschi

Presentation of the course

Take part in the Live Surgery organised by JDentalCare in collaboration with Dr Cesare Paoleschi. A course dedicated to zygomatic surgery. You will be guided step by step through all the necessary steps to plan and carry out the surgery successfully.

For each training session (usually two per day) there are 2 places for trainees with the possibility of registering for both.

Theorical program

  • Analysis of the history of patient and the treatment plan
  • Study of the radiological repertory (ct -panoramic x-ray) and stereolithography.
  • Explanation of the decision-making algorithm which led to the exclusion of other surgical techniques.
  • ZAPA (Zygomatic Anatomical Prostethical Approach) approach
  • Direct vision of zygomatic technique in surgical room

Live surgery

Assisted in the operating room for surgery with direct viewing of surgical technique.


7 February – 6 March – 10 April – 8 May – 6 June – 3 July – 4 September – 9 October – 6 November – 4 December

Time schedule

8 AM – 6 PM


Dr. Cesare Paoleschi


Centro odontoiatrico Iris, via Vittorio Veneto 34, Viareggio (LU), Italy


€ 500 + VAT

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