Immediate implantation with immediate loading of a full upper jaw in a patient with a high lip line: from surgery to final prosthesis.

This patient is a 56y old healthy female with a severe generalized chronic periodontitis. Her major complaints are the long teeth caused by gingival recessions, the gummy smile, the unaesthetic black holes and the teeth mobility. Since this patient has a gummy smile, it is very important to locate the lip line smile before placing the implants. By doing so, we will be able to evaluate the amount of bone to reduce, so the joint between the gingiva and the pink ceramic of the final prosthesis doesn’t appear while smiling. The treatment plan performed was an immediate implantation of six JDEvolution® implants with an immediate loading combined with a precise osteotomy of the alveolar process. By Jeff Khoury, DDS, Beirut (Lebanon)