A graftless solution

The JDZygoma implant offers an alternative solution without bone grafts for the treatment of severe maxillary resorption.
This advanced implant concept is designed for getting a perfect anchorage in the zygomatic bone.

skull anchorage

Greater prosthetic and surgical flexibility
Take advantage of the advanced implant body design with internal hexagonal connection compatible JDEvolution Plus+. Two options diameter available Ø 4.3 and 3.9 with implant lengths respectively, Ø 4.3 from 30 mm to 60 mm and Ø3.9 from 30 mm to 57.5 mm.

High primary stability for the immediate function
Apply to your patients a temporary prosthesis immediately after the surgery. Thanks to the multicortical anchorage and the special design of the implant apex you will easily obtain a high primary stability.

Site preparation sequence
Make entrance mark with round bur drill and continue the preparation sequence as follows.

drill sequence Ø3.9
JDZygoma Ø3.9

drill sequence Ø4.3
JDZygoma Ø4.3