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Casos Clinicos


Immediate loading of three JDEvolution implants in the upper jaw

Three implants were inserted with flapless surgery in the upper jaw and they were immediately loaded. The final prosthesis was performed after 3 months.


Immediate loading of a single post-extractive JDEvolution implant

Insertion of a post-extractive JDEvolution implant immediately loaded with a provisional restoration and finally after three months with the final prosthesis.


Implant-supported mandibular overdenture retained with ball attachments

Insertion of two JDEvolution® implants with ball attachments and direct procedure for connecting the mandibular overdenture.


Insertion of four JDEvolution implants immediately loaded with a bar retained overdenture

Immediate loading of four JDEvolution implants to retain an overdenture in the maxilla.


JDEvolution implant system improves bone and soft tissue preservation

The clinical case shows the perfect healing of bone and soft tissue around two JDEvolution implants. The platform switching in all the prosthetic parts of the JDEvolution® implant system allows to achieve easily these results.


Early loading of two splinted JDEvolution implants in native bone

Two JDEvolution implants were placed in mandible and early loaded after 2 months. X-ray after 1 year shows no peri-implant marginal bone loss and perfect soft tissue integration.