Clinical evaluation of post-extractive JDNow® one piece implants in infected sites after a 24-months healing period

The aim of this study is to evaluate the success rate of post extractive implants placed with flapless surgery in infected sites and immediately loaded. Forabosco A, Grandi T, Delle Donne G. Impianti post-estrattivi a carico immediato in siti infetti. Implantologia, 2009; 1: 29-35.

Clinical performance and radiographic evaluation of JDNow® one piece implants

The aim of this study is to evaluate the clinical performance and the bone remodeling of one piece implants immediate loaded with a 14 months follow up period. Forabosco A, Grandi T. Valutazione clinica di impianti one-piece a carico immediato. Dental Cadmos, 2009; 77 (3): 35-41.

Design solutions for dental implants connection screw: FEM analysis

The aim of this study is to evaluate different design solutions of the connection screw in order to reduce the risk of unscrewing and fracture of the fixture-abutment connection of the JDentalCare implant system.

Study of the citotoxicity of the JDentalCare drills coated with TiAlN for dental implantology

The citotoxicity of the coating TiAlN compared with that of the standard stell drills was studied. The coating increases the performance of the drill and gives to the drill a black colour which facilitates recognition of the depth marks during the implant osteotomy.

Physical, chemical and biological characterization of the JDentalCare implant surface

SEM study and quantitative XPS analysis of the roughness and the decontamination of the JDentalCare implant surface. In vitro test of the cellular response of JDentalCare dental implants, evaluating cell morphology and assessing cellular proliferation and differentiation.

Mechanical tests on JDEvolution dental implant: static and fatigue test

Study on mechanical properties of JDEvolution dental implant according to standard UNI-EN ISO 14801. Methodology and results are presented.