A minimally invasive approach

The JDPterygo® implant is designed to achieve a perfect anchorage in pterygoid bone. This specific implant is characterized by an anodized 4 mm implant collar: this treatment favors the integration of tissues at every level, even if the clinician decides to leave the implant in a transmucosal position.

Made of pure titanium grade 4 and with a diameter of 4mm, the JDPterygo® implant represents a minimally invasive solution in the atrophic posterior maxilla, also available using computer guided surgery.

Site preparation sequence
JDPterygo® implant site preparation can be performed following both non-guided and guided surgical protocol.

Non-guided protocol

JDPterygo drilling sequence


  1. Start the osteotomy using JDNasal drill Ø 2.0 mm at the same implant lenght to be inserted
  2. Continue using JDNasal drill Ø 2.4 at the same implant lenght to be inserted
  3. Continue with standard twist drill Ø 2.8 mm for 8 mm
  4. Complete the osteotomy with standard twist drill Ø 3.2 mm at the entrance for 6 mm


Guided Protocol

JDPterygo computer guided protocol