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Clinical Cases


Placement of short implants in limited bone height avoiding bone graft.

A 50 year-old male, healthy and non smoker presented with a complain of: ‘I want to replace my teeth on upper right quadrant’. Following CT examination, it was realized a very limited residual bone height of 6mm. Two treatment options were considered: bone graft and subsequent placement of long implants versus placement of short implants and tilted implants to avoid the maxillary sinus. Supported by the recent literature, it was decided to use JDEvolution® 6mm short implants.


Horizontal guided bone regeneration with simultaneous JDEvolution implants placement in the posterior mandible.

A 62 year-old female with a noncontributory medical history presented with a complain of: “Lower left bridge debonding frequently”. Proposed treatment: 3 unit bridge supported by 2 implants to fill her edentulous space. Various treatment options were discussed with the patient and she elected to have an implant rehabilitation with a horizontal bone augmentation. After mucoperiosteal flap reflection and identification of the mental foramina, two JDEvolution implants were placed in positions 3.5 and 3.7. Horizontal ridge augmentation was simultaneously performed utilizing a combination of allograft and heterologous bone.


Flapless JDIcon® implants insertion.

An 50 years old female patient came to the dental office asking for the rehabilitation of the left upper jaw. The patient had an excellent amount of vertical and horizontal bone but lack of vertical dimension available for the prosthesis. In order to solve the vertical space problem, the surgeon decided to make a flapless insertion of two JDIcon® implants which are characterized by a conical internal connection (this allows to place the implant slightly below the bone crest) and a screw-retained prosthetic restoration.


Immediate cross-arch fixed rehabilitaion with axial and tilted implants.

An 71-year-old male non-smoker with a noncontributory medical history presented with a chief complaint of ‘I want to rehabilitate my mouth because of tooth mobility in the upper arch and missing teeth in the lower arch’. The treatment plan was to extract the remaining teeth and provide a fixed rehabilitation supported by axial and tilted implants.


Full mouth rehabilitation with maxillary tooth and implant supported and mandibular tooth supported prostheses.

An 75-year-old male non-smoker with a noncontributory medical history presented with a chief complaint of ‘I want to rehabilitate my mounth because of tooth abrasion in the lower arch and bad aesthetic in the upper arch’. The treatment plan was to make a tooth and implant supported restoration in the maxilla and a tooth supported prosthesis in mandible. Four JDEvolution® implants were placed in maxilla to support screw retained restorations in the posterior areas and ceramic veneers were provided for frontal teeth. Metal ceramic tooth supported prostheses were delivered in mandible and ceramic veneers were bonded on the anterior teeth. By Nicola De Robertis, DDS, Bologna (Italy)


Immediately loaded implant rehabilitation in a patient with severe anteroposterior discrepancy.

The patient presented a big mandibular advancement and a severe midline’s deviation. The patient presented several teeth missing and an advanced periodontal desease.The treatment plan was to remove all the remaining teeth and to place four JDEvolution® implants in the maxilla and five implants in the mandible. Edge to edge bite occlusion was obtained with a good stability in the posterior areas. Patient recovered her aesthetics and, partially, her facial simmetry. She is now able to talk and eat in a proper way. By Manuel Monterde, DDS, Valencia (Spain)